Mrs. Simpson and Her Soup

                    One time Mrs. Simpson invited a lot of people to her house for dinner. She planned to feed them a good dinner of meat and vegetables and her special soup.
                    On the day of the party, everyone was busy at the Simpson house. Mrs. Simpson had five daughters, but no one thought about making the soup. They washed and ironed and cleaned the house. They made the dessert. Then Mrs. Simpson thought of the soup, and she ran to the kitchen to make it.
                    Mrs. Simpson made the best soup in the town. No woman was a better cook than she was. But this time she forgot to put salt into it. Of course, a good soup needs some salt.
                    Mrs. Simpson made a bigger fire and put her soup on the stove. Then she began to sweep the floor. Her hands became very dirty.
                    Suddenly she thought about the soup. She had not put any salt into it! So she called one of her daughters to help her.
                     Sue, she said, will you put some salt into the soup? My hands are too dirty.
                     I cant, Ma, Im washing my hair, said Sue.
                     Sara, will you go put salt into the soup?
                     I cant, said Sara. Something is wrong with my dress and I have to sew it.
                     Bertha, can you salt the soup?
                     No,Ma, said Bertha. Ask somebody else to do it.
                     Wont anyone help me? Jenny, go salt the soup.
                     Tell Lil to do it, Ma. Im ironing the tablecloth, Jenny said.
                     I cant, Ma. Im looking for my necklace. Im not going to do anything else until I find it, Lil said.
                     So Mrs. Simpson put down her broom. She washed her hands and salted the soup. Then she began again to clean the floor.
Lil began to think that she should obey her mother, so she went quietly to the kitchen and salted the soup. After that she continued to look for her necklace. She looked into this corner and that.
                     Jenny began to be sorry that she had been rude, so she salted the soup, too. Then she finished the ironing.
                     Sue went into the kitchen and smelled the soup. It will taste better with salt, she told herself, so she salted it.
                     Later Sara thought, I really ought to help Ma, and she salted the soup. Then Bertha went quietly to the kitchen and salted the soup, too.
                     That night the hungry guests sat waiting for the soup. They could smell it, and it smelled good. Then Mrs. Simpson put it on the table in front of everyone. The preacher was there to dinner, so Mrs. Simpson gave him the first dish. He took a big mouthful of the soup. Suddenly his eyes opened wide. He picked his glass of water and drank it all.
                     Now Mrs. Simpson knew that something was wrong, and she tasted the soup herself. Then she knew.
                     Which one of you girls put salt into the soup? she asked her daughters.
                     I did, Ma, all five said together.
                     And I did, too, Mrs. Simpson said. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
                    And thats the truth.


                    ˹ Mrs. Simpson ԭᢡӹǹҡ Ѻзҹäӷҹͧ ҧἹзҧ շ, ѡ, ػ ɢͧ
                    㹵͹ҧѹͧѹѴ§ ҹ Simpson ء ҧ Mrs. Simpson Դ 5 äԴ֧ͧ ػ ǡ ѡ մ ӤҴҹ Ӣͧҹ Mrs. Simpson Դ֧ ػ ֧ͨ㹤ͷ ػ
                    Mrs. Simpson ػ շشͧ ÷ ػ ǹ ػ 觷ԧ ػ յͧաʹ
                    Mrs. Simpson ǹ ػ ҧ ҡҴ ֧ͧͨ͢ʡá ѹ㴹 ͤԴ ѧ ŧ ػ ѧ֧ͨ¡١Ǥ˹
                    Sue, ١ ػ ˹ ʡáҡ
                    ˹ٷ, ! ˹١ѧм Sue ͺ
                     Sara, ١ŧ ػ ˹?
                    ˹ٷ, ! ˹ٵͧ纪شͧ˹ա͹ Sara ͺ
                    Bertha, ١ŧ ػ ?
                    , , ͡ШД Bertha ͡
                    ê? Jenny ػ ˹!
                    ͡ Lil ӫԤ, ! ˹١ѧմһШД Jenny ͡
                    Lil պ͡ ˹ٷ! , ˹١ѧ¤ͧ͢˹ ˹٨÷駹 ˹٨ѹ
                    ѧ Mrs. Simpson ֧ҧҴ ҧ ŧ ػ ǡѺҷӤҴ鹵
                    Lil Դ ͤèͿѧô ֧ͨ㹤ҧº ŧ ػ ѧҡ͡ѺҤ¤͵
                    Jenny ֡㨷Ҿô ֧ͨ ŧ ػ ͡͹մҨº
                    Sueػ ǾٴѺͧ ʪҴдա ͔ ͡ ŧ
                     Sara Դ ԧ ѹèЪД ֧Ҥ ŧ ػ ǡѺ Bertha ŧ ػ
                    ׹ ᢡ¹觤 ػ ǡ ͧ ػ
                     Mrs. Simpson ػ ҧç˹ᢡء ҷǧ Ѻԭᢡ Ѻ ػ 繤á ͪ ػ ͹һҡ ѹ㴹 ǧҢͧҹ觡ҧ ԺӢҴ
                    ͹ Mrs. Simpson üԴҴ͹ ֧ ػ µͧ ͡ ԧ
                    ١Ǥ˹ ŧ ػ ? ͶԴ
                    ˹٤! Դҷ ͺ§ǡѹ
                     ! Mrs. Simpson طҹ
                     蹤 ԧ


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