The Tar Baby

                    One day Rabbit said to himself, Its too dry here. I need some water. I can drink dew in the mornings, but that isnt enough. So Brother Rabbit went to Brother Fox. He said, Brother Fox, we all need water. Lets dig a well.
                    So Fox went and called all the other animals together. Come. Lets dig a well for our water, he said. He got Brother Bear, Brother Possum, and Brother Coon.
                    When the animals had decided where to dig the well, they start to dig, and they asked Brother Rabbit to help them.
                    "Don't forget, boy. Don't forget," the boy repeat.
                     Im sick, said lazy Brother Rabbit
                     Come on, they said. Help us dig this well. We all need water.
                     Rabbit said, Oh, I dont need water. I can drink dew in the morning. So he didnt help. But when the other animals finished digging, he wanted some of the water. Of course, the other animals didnt let Rabbit take any water from the well, but he went at night and got a pan full of water.
                     The next day the angry animal saw Rabbits footprints by the well.
                     What can we do about Brother Rabbit? they asked. He thinks he is better than we are. He thinks he is the cleverest animal of all.
                    Bear said, Ill tell you. Ill sit here by the well all night and catch him. So Bear sat by the well, but he went to sleep. Again Rabbit came and quietly stole some water.
                     We must catch Brother Rabbit, the animals said the next day. How can we do it? Each animal spoke more excitedly than the one before. Brother Bear was the angriest of all, and he spoke the most loudly.
                     Then Brother Fox wanted to speak, and Brother Bear told the other animals to listen to him. Brother Fox will know what to do, he said.
                     I know how to catch him, said Brother Fox. Lets make a tar baby and put it near the well. A tar baby is the best thing.
                     That night Brother Rabbit went to the well to get some water. He saw the tar baby and thought it was Brother Bear. I cant get any water tonight, he thought. There s Brother Bear waiting for me again. He looked a second time and said, No, that isnt Bear. Hes too little to be Brother Bear.
                     Rabbit went up to the tar baby and said, Boo-oo-oo!
                     The tar baby didnt move.
                     The Rabbit put his face near the tar babys face and said again, Boo! The tar baby didnt speak. Rabbit ran around and around the tar baby and put his hand near the tar babys face, but the tar baby stood still.
                     I think thats only a piece of wood, Rabbit said, or perhaps its a sleeping man. Now he stood in front of the tar baby. Hello, old man. What are you doing here? he yelled.
                     The tar baby didnt answer.
                     Dont you hear me? asked Rabbit. Speak, or Ill hit you. The tar baby said nothing, so Rabbit hit him. His hand stuck to the tar.
                     Let me go. You were pretending that you were sleeping. Let me go, or Ill hit you with my other hand, yelled Rabbit angrily. Of course, the tar baby said nothing, so Rabbit hit him with his other hand. It stuck, too.
                     Let me go, or Ill kick you, said Rabbit. The tar baby didnt say anything, so Rabbit kicked him and his foot stuck in the tar. Poor Rabbit! He didnt know when to stop. He kicked with his other foot, and it stuck, too.
                     The other animals were hiding in the grass, and when they saw Brother Rabbit stuck in the tar baby, they all ran out. Weve caught you, they said. We are more clever than you. Weve caught you, old Rabbit!
                     Oh, Im so sick, said Rabbit.
                     What shall we do with him? asked one.

                     Throw him into a fire, said another.
                     Please, please throw me into a fire, said Rabbit. Im so cold.
                     No, we cant do that, the other animals said. He likes the fire.
                     One said, Hang him, but another said, Hes too light to hang.
                     Finally they said to Brother Rabbit, Were going to throw you into the water with a stone around your neck.
                     Oh, yes, Rabbit said. I love the water. Throw me in now. I want to visit my friend Brother Fish.
                     We cant do that, the animals said. Lets throw him into the brier patch.
                     No, no, cried Rabbit, please dont do that. The brier will tear my feet. Theyll tear my skin. Theyll tear my eyes out.
                     So the other animals picked Rabbit up and threw him into the brier patch. As Rabbit ran away through the briers, he yelled, This is the nicest place I know of. This is my home. I was born in a brier patch.


                    ѹ˹ Rabbit ٴѺͧ Թ ѹͧù ѹӤҧ㹵͹ ѹ§͔ ѧ س Rabbit ֧ س Fox Ǿٴ
                     Fox, ǡҵͧù ¡ѹشД
                    ѧ Fox ֧¡ѵ쪹Դ ! ǡҢش ͹ѺǡД ͹ҹ س Bear, س Possum, س Coon
                    ͺôѵ쵡ŧ㨷Тش ǡѹش ¡ͧ س Rabbit Ҫ¾ǡѹ
                    ѹ ! س Rabbit ¨͡
                    ҹ ! ôѵ¡ͧ ¾ǡҢش͹ ǡҷͧùӔ
                    Rabbit ٴ ѹͧù ѹӤҧ͹ ѹ¢ش
                     ѵ ¡ѹش͹Ө Rabbit ͧùӴ ͹ ô س ѵ Rabbit Өҡ͹ ѹҵ͹ҧ׹ ӹзз
                    ѹ ô سѵ ͧøҢͧ Rabbit ҧ ͹
                   ҨзáѺ س Rabbit ? ҧѹͧ ҤԴ觡Ҿǡ ҤԴѵҴѵŔ
                    Bear ٴ ѹк͡ǡ ѹй觢ҧ ͹ӷ駤׹ ѺҔ ѧ Bear ֧觢ҧ͹ Ѻ Rabbit º ¹ա
                    ǡҵͧѺ س Rabbit ôѵٴѹѹ Ҩзҧ? ЪԴѵٴ¤鹡Ҥ駡͹ س Bear 繼øش ٴ§ѧش
                     س Fox ͧþٴ س Bear ֧͡ѵ ѧ س Fox س Fox Ҩз!
                    س Fox ͡ ѹҨШѺҧ ǡҪ¡ѹ áѹ ѡ˹ ҧѹҧ͹ áѹ 觷շش                    
                    ׹ س Rabbit 价͹ͨйӹ ѹ áѹ Դ س Bear ֧Դ ѹ㹤׹ س Bear ͩѹçաǔ ѹͧդ˹ Ǿٴ س Bear ѹԹ价 س Bear
                     Rabbit áѹ Ƿ§͡ !!!!!!!!!!
                    áѹ Ѻ
                     Rabbit ˹价˹Ңͧ áѹ з§͡ !!!!!!!!!! ա áѹ ٴ Rabbit ֧ǹͺ 价˹Ңͧ áѹ ѹѧ׹
                    ѹԴҹ蹤§˹ ҧҨ繤ѧѺ Rabbit Դ ׹˹ áѹ е⡹ѡ , ! ѧ?
                    áѹ ͺ
                     Rabbit ٴ Թѹٴ ? ٴ! 鹩ѹ Ѵ ᡔ áѹ ٴ÷ ѧ Rabbit ֧ѹ ͢ҧ Դ ѹ
                    ©ѹ! 駷Ѻ? ©ѹ! ѹ Ѵ ᡴաҧ˹觢ͧѹ Rabbit Ф͡¤ø ͹ áѹ ٴ͹ Rabbit ֧աҧ˹ 觡Դ ѹ ǡѹ
                    ©ѹ! 鹩ѹ Rabbit ٴ áѹ ٴõͺ Rabbit ֧ áѹ Ңͧ Rabbit ֧ԴѺ áѹ Rabbit ʧ! ѹè֧ش ѹдաҧ˹ դӵͺҵͧԴѺ áѹ
                    ôѵͺ˭ س Rabbit ԴѺ áѹ ֧ҡ͡ ǡҨѺ! ǡҩҴ ǡҨѺ Rabbit !
                    ! ѹҡ Rabbit طó
                    ǡҨзáѺѹչ? յ˹
                    ¹ѹҡͧ! ˹ ʹ
                    ¹ѹŧ㹡ͧ ѹ˹Թ Rabbit ¡ͧ
                    ǡҷҧ ѹͺ俔 ա˹
                    ǹѹ! աʹ˹
                    ѹԹҷǹ͔ §Ѵҹ
                    㹷ش ǡѹٴѺ س Rabbit
                     Rabbit ͺ
                    ! ! ѹͺ ¹ѹŧǹ! ѹŧ س Fish
                    ǡҷҧ ǡ¹ѹŧ Һ աҔ ôѵʹ
                    ! ! سҷҧ ! ˹кҴҢͧѹ! ѹЩա˹ѧͧѹ! ѹзҢͧѹ!

                    ѧ ôѵ֧Ѻ Rabbit ¹ѹŧ Һ Rabbit 觼ҹ Һ ѹ⡹
                    繷շشѹѡ ͺҹͧѹ ѹԴ                 


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