The Dream

                    Once there was an old man who had a little gold, but he did have a big possum and a bag of sweet potatoes. He took the possum and the potatoes home and put them on the table. Then he got a few pieces of wood and some paper and made a fire. There was so much food he had to find two pans for it all. He put a large pan with the possum inside it on the fire and dropped the potatoes into the other pan.
                     Then he sat down and waited for the possum and the potatoes to cook. The potatoes were soon done, but it took a long time for the possum. Ill whistle while I wait, he said to himself. So he sat and whistled and watched the pan with the possum.
                     Finally, after a long while, the possum was cooked. The old man took the pan with the possum off the fire and put it onto the table beside the sweet potatoes.


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